Master 300 iQ Musicbloc™ Power Amplifier
Mono/Dual Stereo Beam Power Amplifier

The new VAC Master 300 builds on lessons learned in the creation of our flagship Statement 452 amplifier. Featuring the same audio circuit topology, audio parts, hand wired audio pathways, and a similar internal layout, the Master 300 delivers the same amazing sound character with just 1.5 dB less maximum output, making it a natural choice for most high-end installations.

    Master 300 iQ
  • Like all VAC Musicbloc™ power amplifiers, the Master 300 can be set for 160 watt/channel stereo or dedicated 300+ watt mono operation via three switches on the back panel. The active audio circuitry is fully balanced from input to output at all times; for single-ended input, balancing input transformers provide the interface to the all balanced internal circuitry.

    The input and driver circuits are direct coupled and implemented with highly linear low mu octal triodes operated in full Class A1. The output stage employs the legendary KT88 beam power kinkless tetrode, with bias optimized by VAC's patented* iQ Intelligent Continuous Automatic Bias System for ‘plug and play' reliability and automatic notification when a tube change is advisable.

    Of course, the Master 300 uses our finest output transformers, resistors, capacitors, connectors, and so on, but what is most important is the way in which those parts are combined and the sound that is achieved. Sound that will bring you closer to the artists and instruments then ever before. Sound that is not ‘hi-fi' but music, a real, vivid, palpable recreation of the performers and their performances. Sound that will move your emotions, sound that will make you forget about the components and just get lost in the moment. Sound that you will want in your home.

    * The VAC iQ Intelligent Continuous Automatic Bias System is protected by U.S. patent number 8,749,310, worldwide patents pending. 





  • Type

    Pure vacuum tube power amplifier, Mono or Stereo operation, Fully balanced


    160 watts/channel stereo or 300+ watts mono into 4 ohms


    4 x 6SN7GTB, 8 x KT88 (electrically compatible with KT90, KT99, KT120, and KT150)

    Bias control

    Automatic and continuous via the patented VAC iQ System


    18" W x 9" H x 23" D (457 x 229 x 584 mm) 130 lbs. (59 kg)


    Designed and Handcrafted in Sarasota, Florida, USA

    The VAC iQ circuit protected by US Patent 8,749,310

    *Specifications subject to change without notice.

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