The design of the all-new VAC Master Preamplifier takes the essential developments from the cost-no-object Statement pre-amplifiers and presents them in their most elemental, effective forms. If the Statement products might be likened to Formula 1 racecars, the Master Preamplifier is the derivative ultra performance road-going sports car.

Product Brochure
    Master Preamp
  • As in the Statement Line Stage, the volume control is a massive custom-made, multisection, 2.2 kg brass volume control with internal brass shielding. Remote-control capability is implemented via a VAC-designed motor drive system, which allows continuous control of infinite resolution.

    All of the hand-wired Class A1 audio circuits are carried on machined, mass-loading plates, which are decoupled from the main chassis.

    This projects solidity in detail and imaging while reducing microphony to infinitesimal levels. You’ll find the “naked” z-foil resistors and premium transformers from the Statement Line Stage.

    When the Master Preamplifier is equipped with the internal phono option, a separate, dedicated power transformer and DC umbilical cable is added to the power supply, ensuring complete isolation between it and the line section. In essence, it is an external phono stage that just happens to share the chassis, which, in turn, allows a superior control over the ground signal reference that is crucial to conveying signal detail. You’ll also find the same premium resistors and exotic capacitors employed in the Statement Phono Stage.

    The VAC Master Preamplifier outperforms every other preamplifier, with the exception of the VAC Statement models that inspired it.

  • Master Preamplifier Technical Specifications


    11 dB


    3 sets RCA line input

    2 sets balanced/RCA selectable inputs

    1 set balanced/RCA cinema bypass input

    Optional 1 MM and 1 MC (or additional line input if phono is not fitted)


    2 sets RCA

    2 sets balanced XLR (EIA “pin 2 hot” studio standard)


    2x 8416, 7308, 6922, E88CC, ECC88, 6DJ8, (or 12DJ8 twin triodes)

    Absolute Phase

    correct from all inputs to all outputs

    Frequency Response

    Flat over audio band

    –3 dB bandwidth 5 Hz – 210 kHz


    <0.009% @ 1 kHz, 1 V RMS

    Maximum Output

    < 8 V RMS

    Output Impedance

    < 150 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, static (i.e., not dependent upon feedback)

    Maximum Input

    Infinite signal (attenuation precedes the gain circuitry)

    Recommended Output Load

    > 300 ohms


    External power supply, detachable umbilical cable, detachable IEC power cord

    Unity gain from selector, non-inverting for archival integrity

    Cinema Bypass



    May be factory configured for operation at 100, 120, 220, or 230/240 volts

    Remote Control



    Illuminated logo may be switched off


    Hand-rubbed gold-flake gloss black lacquer with chrome knobs standard.

    Hand-rubbed metallic gloss silver lacquer with chrome knobs special order with additional cost.


    Two years parts and labor, excluding tubes (USA, see manual for full details)

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    Audio chassis (not including knobs and connectors): 5.5" x 18" x 14.5" (14 cm x 45.7 cm x 36.8 cm)

    Power supply (not including connectors): 4.3" x 18" x 14.5" (10.9 cm x 45.7 cm x 36.8 cm)

    Shipping Weight

    With phono: 75 lbs. (27.7 kg.)

    Optional Phono Stage Technical Specifications


    6x 12AX7


    44 dB MM

    68 dB MC

    Frequency Response

    RIAA standard +/- 0.2 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

    -3 dB bandwidth 10 Hz - • 80 kHz

    Channel Separation

    > 80 dB @ 1 kHz

    Maximum Input

    > 130 mv @ 1 kHz, MM

    > 13 mv, MC

    MC Load Impedance

    selectable, 470, 300, 250, 200, 150, and 100 ohms

    MM Load Impedance

    selectable, 47k, 30k, 25k, 15k, and 10k ohms


    117MV @ 1kHz = 8 volts RMS output; 460MV @ 10kHz

    Residual Noise

    Less than 3MV at output (s/n ratio greater than approx. 69db)

    *Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • Reviews

    “VAC has lavished these units with cost-no-object niceties like that step-driven volume control... The sound reflects this with detail and scale to match the best of solid-state, yet with luscious warmth to never let you forget it's a tube affair. Or a love affair...”
    Ken Kessler - hi-fi news, April 2, 2021

    “The Master preamp is one of the finest audio-electronics components I’ve ever had in my system... If you’re looking for a tubed preamplifier that performs at the highest level, seriously consider auditioning the Valve Amplification Company’s Master. As the Beach Boys sang, Don’t worry, baby -- the VAC Master will make you come alive . . .”
    Garrett Hongo - SoundStage Ultra, July 1, 2019