CES 2007

Alon Wolf of Magico with VAC Signature Mk II Preamplifier, VAC Phi 300.1, and his absolutely phenominal new loudspeaker. If you are at CES, GO HEAR THIS ROOM! Venetian Tower, 29th floor


A pair of VAC Phi 300.1 biamping the new Talon Acoustics Thunderhawk speakers. Crossover is the interesting new Rives Audio Sub-Parc. DAC is the Wadia System 9. By the way, the photogenic head in the foreground is the legendary recording engineer Chris Huston, who is now VP at Rives. You definitely should meet him. Venetian meeting room # 4606.

CES2007_AudesVAC Phi Beta with new Audes loudspeakers (a great value). Venetian Tower, 29th floor