Marjorie ‘Margo’ Hayes, the Voice of VAC

With great sadness we announce that Margo passed away on Saturday morning, May 25th, at the age of 91.

Margo is the mother of VAC founder & president Kevin Hayes. She was present when VAC was conceived, and answered the telephone and kept the books for the new company. For most of the past 23 years, when you called VAC, you heard her voice.

She loved VAC and loved our customers, often taking a personal interest, remembering the names of family members and various situations.

On March 10 she had suffered a collapse which necessitated surgery and time in the hospital and rehab. She was released April 10, and returned to VAC on April 15, not missing a day through May 24.

As much as she loved VAC and her children, the truth is that she was ready to ‘go home’. A firm Christian, she has every confidence of where she is going, and of seeing so many loved ones who went before her.

I love her, and she will be missed more than I can say. Truly, I hope to see her again when my time comes.

Kevin Hayes / VAC