VAC at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show / T.H.E. Show

A bit of history…

At T.H.E.Expo, VAC featured the new VAC Auricle Musicbloc mono amplifiers, which SoundStage! has designated a “Show Stopper”, and which EnjoyTheMusic called “rock solid”. They’re fabulous amps, superb sound, elegant and compact, at $4,990 the pair. Also demonstrated were the VAC Phi Beta and Phi Kappa integrated amplifiers. The VAC Standard Preamplifier was also seen making good sounds at the Alexis Park.

Room 1204 is a Stand Out Room according to SoundStage!


Here is are some snapshots of the VAC Phi Beta with the new Scientific Fidelity loudspeakers.


Here we see the VAC Phi Beta with Von Schweikert‘s new VR4-SR speakers – quite fabulous sound!


Here is the VAC Phi Kappa with the interesting Duvel onmidiectional horn speakers.


A tired duo after a long show: Albert Von Schweikert & Kevin Hayes take a break from packing to pose.

VR11_&_VR9 VAC technician Brent Meyer with a quarter million dollars worth of Von Schweikert’s best! Dealer Jonathon Tinn (Chamber’s Audio) is in the foreground.


2 thoughts on “VAC at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show / T.H.E. Show

  1. Question.
    I have been a long time admirer of VAC products and recently acquired an older model and feel quite fortunate. The original owner also very much loved the pieces but was moving and needed to migrate to a VAC integrated to save space.

    What I have, noted on the box:
    Renaissance Mk III Preamplifier
    Phi 200 Musicbloc

    All the information I can find is regarding the link below. Is this the power amp noted on the box? Is it the Class A1 topography described on the site and the manual available the correct ones?

    I have reached out to a local dealer to acquire a set of new tubes from you folks as back up for the one’s that came with.

    In search of speakers that will compliment this find. Any suggestions would be appreciated. And yes I do understand the final listen is subjective.

    • The Phi 200 input and driver stages are Class A1 triode, the output stage is rich Class AB1 ultralinear.

      Which integrated amplifier have you selected?

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