VAC Statement 450, the #1 “Work of Art” tube amplifier on the Robb Report!

by Alexander Lamascus

“VAC, or Valve Amplification Company, is a legendary name in audio engineering. Their glowing logo is emblazoned on every tube amplifier it produces, including its signature amplifier, the VAC Statement 450. Priced at $46,000, it includes a variety of custom-built internal electronics and a unique structural design that allows for fast delivery of sonic perfection. The two-part chassis is built and lacquered in-house. The lower portion contains the power supply, which uses three massive, custom-built transformers that are uniquely isolated to ensure very little vibration transmission. The top portion contains the amplifier circuitry, which uses a variety of tubes with hand-wired components. VAC amplifiers take a measured approach to the bass frequencies and are known for exceptional mid- and high-range frequency response. Both elements weigh in at 200 pounds total, and since they are a mono-block design, a buyer should expect to purchase at least two, one for each speaker channel.”

Editors’ Choice Award: VAC Signature IIa

Editors' Choice Award: VAC Signature IIa

Editors’ Choice Award: VAC Signature IIa

“Kevin Hayes has outdone himself with the new Signature IIa preamp. Transformer-coupled, completely balanced, hand-wired with no coupling capacitors or negative feedback, the full-function model has four line inputs and a tubed photostage with mm / mc inputs, a completely separate power transformer, dedicated filter circuitry, and variable impedance loading. And the sound is gorgeous.” The Absolute Sound, March 2013, page 72