CES 2015 is almost here!

Please come share some time and music with VAC at CES 2015 at The Venetian, suite 35-207!

We’ll be featuring our new Master Preamplifier (with balanced phono capability) in concert with the incomparable Statement 450 iQ mono amplifiers. dCS and Brinkmann have provided their best digital and analog as sources, Dynaudio their best loudspeakers, and the best cabling from Shunyata Research will tie it all together.

And, if you ask nicely, we just might usher you into our conference room for a private introduction to our Sigma 160i SE integrated amplifier with its able associates from dCS, Brinkmann, Dynaudio, and Shunyata Research.

The 2015 is held from January 6th though January 9th in Las Vegas. For more information, please see CESweb.org … and keep an eye on our Facebook page for reports from the show!