Renaissance Mk V Preamplifier in – “For serious music lovers living at the cutting edge of what is possible.”

“If you are serious about and love music this preamplifier will provide many years of totally immersed enjoyment. Go find a dealer, audition the VAC Renaissance Mk V Preamplifier, most certainly you will like what you hear.”

Renaissance MV preamp

VAC at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show / T.H.E. Show

A bit of history…

At T.H.E.Expo, VAC featured the new VAC Auricle Musicbloc mono amplifiers, which SoundStage! has designated a “Show Stopper”, and which EnjoyTheMusic called “rock solid”. They’re fabulous amps, superb sound, elegant and compact, at $4,990 the pair. Also demonstrated were the VAC Phi Beta and Phi Kappa integrated amplifiers. The VAC Standard Preamplifier was also seen making good sounds at the Alexis Park.

Room 1204 is a Stand Out Room according to SoundStage!


Here is are some snapshots of the VAC Phi Beta with the new Scientific Fidelity loudspeakers.


Here we see the VAC Phi Beta with Von Schweikert‘s new VR4-SR speakers – quite fabulous sound!


Here is the VAC Phi Kappa with the interesting Duvel onmidiectional horn speakers.


A tired duo after a long show: Albert Von Schweikert & Kevin Hayes take a break from packing to pose.

VR11_&_VR9 VAC technician Brent Meyer with a quarter million dollars worth of Von Schweikert’s best! Dealer Jonathon Tinn (Chamber’s Audio) is in the foreground.


2017 upcoming shows

VAC is getting ready to go on the road to the burgeoning number of regional trade shows, starting with Axpona in Chicago, where we will be showing a cost-no-object system in the Dearborn room in conjunction with the Von Schweikert Ultra 11 speakers. Then we jet off to two rooms at Munich, one showing our Statement Series with Von Schweikert and ZenSati, and another with our Signature Series components and KingSound electrostatic speakers. We end the spring show cycle with two rooms at the LAX Show, one with our dealer, Scott Walker Audio, and a yet again the pairing of the award winning VAC Statement components and the Von Schweikert Ultra 11′s. I hope we get to meet you there!

VAC Statement 450, the #1 “Work of Art” tube amplifier on the Robb Report!

by Alexander Lamascus

“VAC, or Valve Amplification Company, is a legendary name in audio engineering. Their glowing logo is emblazoned on every tube amplifier it produces, including its signature amplifier, the VAC Statement 450. Priced at $46,000, it includes a variety of custom-built internal electronics and a unique structural design that allows for fast delivery of sonic perfection. The two-part chassis is built and lacquered in-house. The lower portion contains the power supply, which uses three massive, custom-built transformers that are uniquely isolated to ensure very little vibration transmission. The top portion contains the amplifier circuitry, which uses a variety of tubes with hand-wired components. VAC amplifiers take a measured approach to the bass frequencies and are known for exceptional mid- and high-range frequency response. Both elements weigh in at 200 pounds total, and since they are a mono-block design, a buyer should expect to purchase at least two, one for each speaker channel.”

CES 2015 is almost here!

Please come share some time and music with VAC at CES 2015 at The Venetian, suite 35-207!

We’ll be featuring our new Master Preamplifier (with balanced phono capability) in concert with the incomparable Statement 450 iQ mono amplifiers. dCS and Brinkmann have provided their best digital and analog as sources, Dynaudio their best loudspeakers, and the best cabling from Shunyata Research will tie it all together.

And, if you ask nicely, we just might usher you into our conference room for a private introduction to our Sigma 160i SE integrated amplifier with its able associates from dCS, Brinkmann, Dynaudio, and Shunyata Research.

The 2015 is held from January 6th though January 9th in Las Vegas. For more information, please see … and keep an eye on our Facebook page for reports from the show!

U.S. Patent awarded for VAC iQ Continuous Automatic Bias Circuit

On June 10, 2014 the U.S. Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded patent 8,749,310 for the VAC iQ circuit. This is the only automatic bias circuit capable of holding steady the true underlying DC idle point of the output tube (or transistor) in the presence of varying musical signals. It’s quite a breakthrough, and the results are, somewhat surprisingly, quite audible.

Letters: VAC Phi 200 Monoblocks for Steve Hoffman

“Santa is visiting really early this year. Or should I say Kevin Claus? Kevin Hayes is one of my favorite top end audiophile gear designers and his company (VAC) is tops in vacuum tube stereo. He is sending me a new pair of the phenomenal VAC Phi 200 monoblocks for my studio. Just in time for mastering BOB DYLAN’S GREATEST HITS, VOL. II. The Phi 200 is a stereo amp with 100 RMS watts a channel but with the flick of a switch, it’s 200 mono watts. A pair will be just right for my needs. Once again, Kevin Hayes comes through for me. Much appreciated!

Kevin Hayes, I’m so appreciative, thanks so much. The Phi 200′s sound truly amazing. The Phi 200′s sound truly meaty, I mean, nicely authoritative. Wonderful inner detail without being bright or harsh. Makes everything sound better yet still accurate to the sound of the master tape. Will make my job a whole bunch easier. THANKS, KEVIN!!!! Just in time for Dylan mastering next week.”

Steve Hoffman

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